Do You Miss It?

Do you miss being in ministry?

I’ve been asked this question a few times since leaving my position on staff at my church. It’s understandable. Since church is associated with “ministry,” and especially with being “in the ministry,” it’s not an odd question. And I’ve been on various church staffs over the past 20+ years, so it does feel odd to not be on one now.

But when I’m asked if I miss being in ministry, my answer is always “No.”

No, I don’t miss it. Sometimes I do miss being on staff…I worked with good people doing good work. But I don’t miss being in ministry.

Here’s why: I’m still in it.

My take on “ministry” is this: As Jesus-followers, we are ALL called to a life of ministry. Whether I work at a church or in a store…whether I write articles or groom dogs (*that will never happen again)…whether I work in an office building or from my sofa…WHETHER I DRAW A PAYCHECK OR NOT, I’m in ministry. And you are, too.

Loving Jesus, serving Jesus, and following Jesus means that ministry is a “life” thing. Wherever you are, that’s where your ministry is.

Have you ever wondered what your calling is? Ever wondered if you are “called into the ministry?” I believe the answer is “Yes!” If you are following Jesus, you are called into ministry. Will you become a pastor? Maybe. Will you work in a church? Possibly. But even if you don’t, you are in ministry.

In Matthew 22, a Pharisee who was particularly knowledgeable of the laws (#expert) asked Jesus which of the many commandments was the most important. (Side note: I always picture the Pharisee twisting his mustache mischieviously with a leering “I’ve Got Him Now” look on his face. Is this accurate? Doubtful.) 

Jesus answers him with this in verses 37-40: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments. 

Then Jesus dropped the mic. (He did not. But if he’d had a mic, he could have dropped it.)

Jesus makes it simple. Love God and love your neighbor.

Ministry has more to do with how you’re living the life you’ve been given than it has to do with any position you hold. Your job just determines where you’ll minister.

None of this is to say that we don’t need pastors or church staff. That’s just crazy talk. Of course we need them. But, what IS crazy is expecting only pastors or church staff or people with seminary degrees to minister. Nope, nope, nope.

Know who the minister is in your neighborhood? You are. At your job? It’s you. In your house? Guess who. It’s you. Your life is your ministry. My life is my ministry.

If that sounds like a tall order, please remain calm. The One who tells us to love God and our neighbor doesn’t sit idly by while we try to with all our humanity to do our best. His Spirit dwells in us and gives us what we need to be the best ministers we can and all for his glory. Isn’t God good?! (Yes. Yes he is.)

So, let’s take a look around at our lives. Who will we minister to today?

**For more ideas about what ministry in the ordinary, everyday of life can look like, visit Shannon Martin’s website. I’m on the Launch Team for her new book, The Ministry of Ordinary Places. You can get a free chapter here. Y’all…it is seriously, SO GOOD. Grab it. Read it. You’ll be blessed by it.


Katie, our Dog of Unknown Lineage (#poundpuppy), is about as loyal as they come.

She prefers to be where I am at all times. If I’m writing at the dining room table, she’s under it. If I’m reading in my favorite chair, she’s on the floor next to my feet. If I go into a room where she’s not allowed, she waits for me at the door. And if I take a nap on the couch, she sits next to it hoping to be invited up. (I almost always grant that request…I love the way she curls up in a ball behind my knees. Heaven!)

She’s even loyal when I hurt her.

In an attempt to save money and time, I attempted to groom her myself a couple of years ago. All was well until I misjudged and cut her scalp. I was absolutely horrified. But even as I assessed the cut, tears in my eyes, she still looked up at me with those big, brown, “I Love You” eyes, tail wagging.

After a trip to the emergency vet, she came home with several stitches and a Cone of Shame. I felt like I should be the one wearing it. That night the vet assured me that I had not done any permanent damage to her scalp or to our relationship. (Bless his heart…I was a sobbing mess.) Katie was loyal…still is…even though I hurt her.

It makes me wonder how loyal I am when I’m hurt.

When God allows pain, do I still look up at him with my big, green, “I Love You” eyes? Do I stay near even when my feelings feel fractured and my soul needs stitches? Do I stand still while he assesses my wounds? When I know God could have stopped the thing that led to my suffering, am I loyal?

Or do I try to hide in a corner, clutching my wounds, bitter and angry? Do I act as if I don’t need him? Do I pretend he doesn’t really care?

In all honesty, I’ve done some of both.

Of course, there’s a big difference between my actions that night with my dog and God’s actions toward me. I didn’t intend to hurt Katie. It was an accident.

Nothing is accidental with God. Neither the good, nor the bad. He knows the plans.

So, how do we remain loyal when sometimes it feels like maybe God isn’t?

We recognize that lie for what it is…a lie. And we remember who he is.

We trust that he is good. We trust that he is love. And we thank him.

Easy? Not always.

Necessary? Absolutely.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. – Psalm 136:1



I enjoy participating in the Five Minute Friday community of Christian writers. Each week the members of that community have the opportunity to write for 5 minutes about an assigned theme. This week that theme is Loyal



You are Loved

I’ve been thinking back over this summer a lot this week. It has been a DOOZY.

Summer 2018 provided more than its fair share of stress and change. It has made me  long for a calmer Fall, the kind where everything is stable and untroubled. We’ll see.

In the course of 3 months, several tough things happened in my family. My husband had a car accident (he’s fine…the car was totaled). We moved my Mom into assisted living (she’s adjusting well…I’m working on it). And my husband received a couple of chronic, life-altering diagnoses (thankfully, the kind that can be helped through diet and medication). Aside from my own personal family crises, I’ve had close friends go through hard things this summer, too. Relationships strained. Finances stretched thin. Addictions battled.

So, as I sit here tonight thinking about all that this summer brought with it, I’m reminded to think about the love of God. It’s such a constant in a sea of variables. It’s unending and sure in a way that not much else is these days.

God loves us.

When our judgement is off. When our flesh is weak. When our bodies break down.

God loves us.

When our relationships fracture. When our memories fail. When our addiction wins.

God loves us.

When we succeed. When we fail. When we’re afraid to even try.

God loves us.

How amazingly generous he is, doling out his never-ending, extravagant, grace-filled love like he does. What an amazing Father we have. What an awesome God.

So, whether your summer was blissful or beastly, remember that you are loved by the God who made you, knows you, and is for you.

You are loved.


I enjoy participating in the Five Minute Friday community of Christian writers. Each week the members of that community have the opportunity to write for 5 minutes about an assigned theme. This week that theme is Loved