Stuck in the Middle?


This is my contribution for Five Minute Friday, a weekly linkup of writers who free write for five minutes on an assigned word. Our word for this week: Stuck.

I’ve been reading a lot about the Sandwich Generation lately in an effort to better understand my people…my tribe of fellow gooey “sandwich” centers. (I like to think we are comprised of Nutella, because Nutella is amazing.)

The Sandwich Generation that I find myself in is the generation described as those who are in their 40s/50s and are simultaneously supporting their own children while caring for aging parents. We’re stuck in the middle, so to speak.

Being in this generation is like a wild rollercoaster of responsibility. Lots of ups and downs. Kind of bumpy at times. The views are simultaneously terrifying and utterly amazing. There may be nausea.

And while “stuck” is a word that can be used to describe the Sandwich Generation, I don’t really believe I’m stuck at all.

I think “placed” is a much better word.

I’ve been placed here by God. He knew long before I came along that I would be here in this moment with my family. He knew I’d have an amazing husband and that we’d have teenaged sons and aging parents. He knew that there would be challenges with both and that the weight of responsibilities would, at times, feel enormous.

But He also knew how I’d need Him. He also knew how He’d never leave me. He also knew that in these challenging times, I would look to him like never before.

In Ecclesiastes 3, we read that there’s a time…a season…for everything. How good it is to know that no matter what the season…no matter what the generation…He is there.

Even if we ever feel more “stuck” than “placed.”

God is with us.




18 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle?

  1. Amen! You are so right–there is nothing outside of his foresight, and nothing that his grace can’t touch. I’m sorry it’s hard, but if it weren’t hard, we wouldn’t have to seek Him, would we? Bless you as you navigate this season.

  2. There are no words to say thank you for this post. Exactly where I have been this week and as challenging and tiring it has been, I have not considered myself “stuck”. Privileged was the word which came to my mind, but you have picked the powerful word, “Placed”. And that is so it. We are placed where we are for such a time as this, for His purposes. May we be faithful to serve those who are ahead of us in this journey and those who are coming up behind us. He will give us the strength and the wisdom to be faithful to Him and them. Blessings!

    PS – I think this is my first time here so may I say, I am glad to meet you and that He crossed our paths today!

  3. I love this post! It is such a good perspective change to move from seeing ourselves as “stuck” in our circumstances to recognising that we are “placed” there by God and to seek his purpose for us in that. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from FMF #15.

  4. princessofthelaundrybasket

    Love your idea of placed rather than stuck. I’ve certainly been there in the sandwich generation. And you really helped to clarify my thoughts for my blog post this week – thank you.
    Visiting from Five Minute Friday #62

  5. Cindy

    So encouraging Tracie! What a lovely idea it is to be placed rather than stuck! I hope to remember that and take it to heart! Cindy #fmf FB page

  6. I appreciate your perspective. I find myself feeling the tension of being in the middle. Currently, I’m frustrated with my placement because I’m taking on duties for my parents that others were supposed to have done. But, I will cling to the truth that God is with me and has placed me here for “such a time as this.” I’m #71 this week at the link-up.

    • It’s SO HARD when folks don’t do what they say they will. I’m sorry it’s been that way for you. My prayer for you is that you will feel God presence closer than ever as you love on the people He has placed in your life. Thanks for reading!

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